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APEC-VC is a web site for exchange of information on environmental technology.                          March 29, 2012 UPDATE
APEC Virtual Center for Environmental Technology Exchange or APEC-VC, one of the APEC (the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) joint projects which was approved at the APEC Osaka meeting in 1995, is a website to help economies in the APEC region exchange environmental technology.
A special feature in the field of noteworthy environmental technology is focused on.
You can look at an overview of environmental technology ranging from the past feature to the latest one.
   Water Resources Sustainability Crisis in Asia-Oceania November 1 , 2011
   Home Appliance Makers’ Effects of Recycling of Rare Metals
   Rare metal recovery using metal biotechnology
   Efforts of Resource Recovery
   Trends of the Clean Development Mechanism and Japan’s Approach

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Keywords on environmental technology which now become hot topics are introduced.
This helps you understand those keywords with our own explanation.

   Treating sewage through sulfate-reduction/sulfur-oxidation and denitrification January 25, 2016
   Rare Metal Recycling - Applications and Problems with Urban Mines May 4, 2015
   Disaster Waste Incineration February 3, 2015
   Measures for Nitrogen Removal in Environmental Water in Developing Countries March 4, 2014
   The Application of Membrane Separation Process to Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Treatments December 6, 2013

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