Enviromental Policies of Member Corporations Promoting Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Technologies
Member Corporations
Environmental Policies
Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. In Accordance with its management philosophy, IHI emphasizes the development of technologies and human resources that can contribute to environmental protection, and to the building of a society capable of sustainable development on a global scale. As a Company, IHI recognizes it to be our responsibility in harmony with the environment, and incorporates these considerations at every stage of its business operations.
Ebara Corporation Å@It is our responsibility, as people of the earth, to protect nature's irreplaceable treasures and to pass them on to future generations. As we undertake our business activities, we will establish environmental management systems and implement ongoing improvements and reviews, while striving to promote harmony between technology and nature, prevent environmental pollution, and improve the overall results of our environmental management activities. We are aware that environmental protection and management activities are the responsibility of all managers and employees of the Corporation, and each person will demonstrate this awareness when carrying out his or her duties. We will widely publicize these basic policies to regional societies and the general public and work to make Ebara's position on the environment clear to society in general.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Å@Å@The world today faces numerous environmental threats on a global scale; global warming, depletion of ozone layer, acid rain and so on, that would continue to challenge us and our next generations extending influence globally beyond our space, time and borders to neighboring countries. To solve these environmental problems is the most important theme in the 21st century. Å@As a company in basic industries related to the land, sea and air, we, Kawasaki is deploying its business activities globally in pursuit of reducing environmental impact and creating a recycling-oriented society. We are committing ourselves to contribute to the sustainable development of society through our eco-friendly business activities, technologies and products that preserve the global environment.
Kubota Corporation It is our aim to promote the environment-friendly activities in order to help create a society where sustainable development is possible on a global scale, and where corporation and people coexist under the mutual trust.
(1) Contribution to environmental conservation as a part of corporate social responsibilities
(2) Provision of environment-friendly technologies and products
(3) Contribution to local society
Kurimoto, Ltd. In all our corporate activities, we, Kurimoto, Ltd., promote the following activities, with the aim of contributing ourselves to making products that are environmentally conscious of the earth that is the planet of water, air and life.
(1) Promoting effective environmental preservation activities
(2) Observing laws and regulations and eliminating environmental risks
(3) Saving energy, saving resources, reducing waste, and recycling
(4) Promoting a shift to environment-friendly products and developing equipments and facilities that are environmentally conscious of preserving the environment
(5) Encouraging environmental awareness and training activities among employees
(6) Contributing to local communities
Kobe Steel, Ltd. The protection of the global environment is the most important issue for all forms of life, and it is our mission to bequeath a better environment to the next generation. We are determined to be environment friendly in all aspects of our business activities. For this purpose, we formulated the Basic Policy for the Environment, which is applicable to both our domestic operations as well as our overseas group companies.
1. Promotion of Employee Initiatives
2. Environment-Friendly Production
3. Contribution to Environmental Protection through Products and Technology
4. Information Disclosure
5. Harmony with Society
6. Thorough Risk Control
Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. It is the aim of Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. to ensure that its business operations harmonize well with environmental preservation and economic and social development, thereby contributing to the "Construction of an Environmentally Balanced Society" and "Environmental Preservation on a Global Scale." The company has long worked to reduce and recycle the by-products that are generated by its business activities, and plans to intensify its development efforts toward reusable technologies that will improve its recycling rate. Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. emphasizes the value of cooperating as a group with its associated companies to promote environmental preservation.
HitachiZosen Corporation We, Hitachi Zosen are well aware of responsibility as a good corporate citizen. We assume it is indispensable to actively cope with environmental issues on global level to establish fruitful relation with society, which is trustworthy and harmonious coexistence. We commit ourselves to challenge environment protection in terms of natural preservation and improvement of human life in the local community.

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