We focus on special features in the field of remarkable environmental technology.
You can look at an overview of the trend in the field of environmental technology ranging tfom the features in the past to the latest ones.

Water Resources Sustainability Crisis in Asia-Oceania November 1 , 2011

Home Appliance Makers’ Effects of Recycling of Rare Metals

Rare metal recovery using metal biotechnology

Efforts of Resource Recovery

Trends of the Clean Development Mechanism and Japan’s Approach

Coexistence of Project and Environment by “Energy-saving” and “Heat pumps”

Introduction of Japan’s Emissions Trading Scheme

Measures against indoor air pollution and health for children

The Enactment of the Kyoto Protocol and the Future of Preventive Measures Against Gloval Warning

Anaerobic treatment of effluent from a factory

Biogas and Biomass Energy

Water Remediation Using the Soil Percolation System

Present condition of soil pollution and the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law

Application to water treatment using Membrane Separation System

A characteristic of arsenic and the removal from the environmental water

Purification technology for municipal water use

Commercializing Bioremediation

Technological trends with the small-scale domestic johkasou(johkasou :On-site waste water treatment system)

Waste treatment technologies

Photovoltaic Generation Technologies

Photocatalyst technology

Effective use of degester gases

Environmental technology using plants

Environmental technology using plants
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