Special Feature: Photovoltaic Generation Technologies

Almost all energy to sustain our economic activities is generated from fossil fuels such as finite petroleum and coal. Greenhouse gas emission from the burning of fossil fuels causes global warming which advances on a global scale, leading to the destruction of nature by abnormal weather conditions, acid rain and so on.

Photovoltaic generation using inexhaustible solar energy, a typical clean energy generating option, has been steadily accepted as a technology that contributes to global warming prevention.

Japan has developed world-level photovoltaic generation technologies, with the rapidly increasing number of buildings equipped with photovoltaic systems.

APEC Virtual Center for Environmental Technology Exchange compiled a special feature topic schematically introducing photovoltaic generation technologies and devices developed by ten APEC-VC member corporations and posted it in our webpage in 1999. This time, the webpage has been updated with the latest information provided by twelve APEC-VC member corporations.

Please enjoy this updated "Photovoltaic Generation Technologies" showcase in our Environmental Technologies Exhibition Hall, which globally publishes environmental technology information.

1 What Is Photovoltaic Generation?
2 Advantages of Photovoltaic Generation
3 Principle of Electricity Generation by Photovoltaic Cells
4 Kinds and Characteristics of Photovoltaic Cells
5 Photovoltaic Generation Output

6 Photovoltaic Cell Production in Japan
7 Photovoltaic Cell Production in the World
8 Cost of Photovoltaic Cells
9 Energy Payback Time

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1 What Is Photovoltaic Generation?