What is APEC-VC ?

APEC Virtual Center for Environmental Technology Exchange is a website to exchange envaironmental technology information provided by various national and regional members of APEC (the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Group) over the Internet.
APEC-VC was approved as a formal APEC joint project at the Osaka APEC meeting in 1995. In 1996, Supporting Committee for APEC Virtual Center for Environmental Technology Exchange was established in Japan, and in 1997, APEC Virtual Center Japan began its operation. APEC Virtual Centers in 11 APEC economies are in operation as of July 2005.

 Objectives of APEC-VC 
APEC-VC is designed to promote the exthe change of environmental business and the technology transfer to developing countries, with a goal of contributing to the preservation and restration of the environment within APEC regions as well as around the globe.
 APEC-VC Network
Each APEC economy sets up its Virtual Center in order to create its unique site for environmental technology information, paving the way to creating a network of environmental technology information within the region.
APEC-VCs in the world APEC-VCs