In 1996, businesses and economic arganizations spearheaded a series of activities for the establishment of Supprting Committee for APEC Virtual Center for Environamental Technology Exchange, which was finally established under the cooperation of the central and local govemments and, in 1997.APEC Virtual Center was launched in 2005, Non-Profit Organization OSU Exchange Support Center of Environmental and Advanced Technologies in Asia took over its operation.
This NPO, based at Osaka Sangyo University, promotes the exchange of forign businesses and personnel centered in Asia and helps them start new businesses and build the collaboration with Japanese counterparts.
 Osaka Sangyo University No.16 Building 3rd Fl.,
 3-1-1 Nakagaito Daito City Osaka
 574-8530 Japan
 Tel.+81(72)875-3118  Fax.+81(72)875-3019
APEC-VC Japan is being operated under the assistance and cooperation provided by the following organizations, as well as by APEC-VC Japan members.
    The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI)
    The Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI-KANSAI)
    Osaka Prefecture
    Osaka City
    Daito City
    International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer(ICETT)
    The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Research Institute of Environmental Technology
    Osaka Sangyo University