privacy policy


Respecting the privacy of APEC Virtual Center for Environmental Technology Exchange website users, the privacy policy has been provided.

 Definition of personal information

Personal information is information about the individual or the corporation and includes information that can idendify a person or a corporation such as a person's or a corporation's name, address, phone number, email address and numbers of membership or registration provided for APEC Virtual Center for Environmental Technology Exchange (hereinafter called "APEC-VC) by the Internet or post.

 Collection of personal information
Collection of personal information via APEC-VC website : ( hereinafter called "this site") is based on the principle of members or registrants' voluntary provision ( or registration) of information. On collecting personal information, the purpose of collection will be disclosed in advance to memebers and registrants. Personal information is collected within the limit necessary for achieving the purpose disclosed to members or registrants.
 Limit of usage of personal information
Personal infomration provided ( or registered) by members or registrants might be used within the scope of information collection purpose disclosed to members or registrants. However, personal information will not be used with the scope above the collection purpose of information disclosed to members or registrants without their consent.
 Principle of personal information disclosure to the third party
Personal information provided (or registered) will not be disclosed to the third party. However, in the following circumstances, the information shall be permitted to be disclosed: in case the member or the registrant agreed to do so or regulations require to do so.
 Reference, correction and deletion of personal information
Please contact us by e-mail for any reference for personal information of members or registrants and request to correct or delete the information. After confirming this inquiry by e-mail is made by our members or registrants, we will disclose, collect or delete the personal information wihtin a reasonable period of time.
 Management of personal information
Our information administrator deligently works on the management of personal information collected from our members and registrants and strives to prevent any problems with personal information such as misuse, falsification or leakage of information)
Although we make assuarance double sure on the collection and management of personal information, we shall not warrant or assume any damage or compensation of members regarding this matter.