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Sydney Workshop for 2005 on Nov. 24 and 25

We organize the APEC-VC Workshop in cooperation with the Australian Committee for the APEC Virtual Centre (VC) for Environmental Technology Exchange (Australia).

1. Purport
In accordance with the progress of motalization, the development of industrial sector and the improvement of living standard in the APEC region, the energy consumption continues to rise and the emission of carbon dioxide is expected to increase greatly, coupled with the economic growth and the expansion of population. Accordingly, what is considered to be extremely effective in controlling global warming is to disseminate information on environmental technologies garnered by developed economies through the framework of APEC Virtual Center in the APEC region. Because those economies, having a profound effect on the reduction of carbon dioxide emission through adoption of the energy-saving technology with an advanced energy-saving measure, have achieved high energy effects through their technologies.

The APEC Virtual Center Project is to launch Virtual Center (hereinafter called VC) in each economy in the APEC region, interactively provide environmental technology and information owned by governments, businesses and environmental organizations over the Internet and promote information exchange on environmental technology by connecting each VC organically to construct a giant network. Up to now, efforts to expand the network and promote technology transfer have been made. Currently, VC is in operation in 12 economies including Japan which was firstly launched in April, 1997, Australia, Chinese Taipei, New Zealand, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia and Korea. In the future, other APEC economies including Peru are expected to join the network and, thus, the large-scale international network to exchange environmental technology along the Pacific Rim is being constructed.

In the fiscal 2005, the purpose of the workshop is to discuss the development of mission and vision on the APEC-VC Project which can obtain mutual advantages for each VC in pursuing the Project, as well as the usage of APEC-VC Network, in order to promote environmental technology transfer from developed economies to developing economies in terms of reduction in carbon dioxide emission followed by the entry into the force of the Kyoto Protocol.

2. Theme : "Building human and institutional capacity for environmental
technology transfer "

3. Date: Nov. 24(Thu.) to Nov. 25 (Fri.) 2005

4.Venue : Sydney (New South Wales, Australia)

5. Program is available in the PDF format. PDF