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A seminar to be held in Vietnam.

APEC VC Japan will conduct a seminar on Aug. 2, 3 and 5, respectively in Hanoi, Hatay and Hue in cooperation with VC Vietnam, as a follow-up activity of a seminar held in Vietnam last year.

1. Brief information of the seminar
(1) Date and place :
Aug. 2 (Tue.), 2005 in Hanoi under the auspices of COSTE
Aug. 3 (Wed.), 2005 in Hatay under the auspices of Hatay People Committee
Aug. 5(Fri.), 2005 in Hue under the auspices of Thua Thien-Hue People Committee
(2) Theme : APEC Virtual Center Project and Japanese Environmental Technology
(3) Program

Welcome address Representative from COSTE in Hanoi, Hatay People Committee in Hatay and Hue People Committee in Hue
Opening remarks Dr. Masataka Sugahara, President,Supporting Committee for APEC-VC Japan
Waste administration by a municipality Mr. Toshio Mori, Assistant Director,Industrial Waste Control Division,Recycle-Oriented Society Promotion Office,Dept. of Environment, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Osaka Prefecture
Waste treatment technology in Japan Dr. Hiroaki Ozaki, ProfessorOsaka Sangyo University
Anaerobic fermentation technology and effective use of digester gas Mr. Jun Tsubota,Energy Technology Laboratories,Osaka Gas Co., Ltd
APEC-VC Project Mr. Tatsuhide Hamasaki, Director-General, Supporting Committee for APEC-VC JapanMr. Ken-ichi Nakamura, Researcher,
Supporting Committee for APEC-VC Japan
Needs of Vietnamese SMEs Mr. Thanh from COSTE
Closing remarks Ms. Le Nhu Xuan,APEC-VC Vietnam Manager
(4) Language : Consecutive interpretation of Japanese - Vietnamese
(5) Participants : Approx. 50 from central and local governments and businesses

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